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HR Services


To any organization, start up or business, people are the paramount resource. BAS HR aims to connect organizations to the right person who not only has the skills to perform the job but is also a culture fit. We offer staffing solutions and recruitment strategies that ensure effective selection of top talent in a competitive market. Our objective is always to come up wit innovative and cost effective means to ensure organizations get the best skills on their teams. We recruit in all industries within SA, Europe, Middle East and Africa region.
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We advertise on various portals and platforms/publications which are prominent in the relevant industry or targeted country to ensure we access all the top skills.

Response Handling


We understand that with each job advert comes thousands of relevant and mostly irrelevant applicants we take the hassle of sifting through all applicants so that clients only spend their time on the relevant applications.




Through a variety of means and tricks of the trade, we aim to find our clients the skills they need.

Screening and Pre Interviews


We interview and screen the candidates to ensure they meet all the requirements for the job and are a culture fit to your organization.

Arranging Interviews


We take over the monotonous admin of arranging interviews and ensure everything runs smoothly and both our candidates and clients have all the information they require.


Reference and Background Checks


We will ensure that references, security checks have been done on every successful candidate.




We present, negotiate and ensure offers are signed timeously within the client’s intended salary bracket and further assist the candidate with their resignation.

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This division provides assessments that enable personal, educational and career development, assist individuals in building confidence, hone and actualize talent and improve leadership and entrepreneurial skills, because now more than ever every organization need a fit for purpose workforce. These assessments are essential for:

• Performance Reviews – to create internal developmental programs for employees who are excelling

• Restructuring – to identify skills to retain and where to merge functions

• Talent & Recruiting – aid interview process in selecting people suitable for role and function

• Training, Learning and Development – identify gap analysis and promote relevant education

• Talent Management – empower Managers as well as remote working reviews/assessment

• Strategic Decisions – map out business’ sustainable growth around skills and competencies within the team

• Career Development – map a career path for your team

We have a team of Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators who design and run workshops to equip and empower your organization’s teams in various skills. We also run a Jobseeker Programme that equips people on the job market to effectively find employment.

Our assessments is a unique way of bringing scientific research, predictive analysis, and artificial intelligence to Talent Management.

They help Employers know the actual skills or core competencies of their employees. These assessments are also ideal to show the exact competencies and if a potential candidate is a culture fit before making an offer as interviews are not always comprehensive and candidates might oversell their skills.

Once an employee is assessed, you will receive a comprehensive report reflecting:


What skills the Employee has


What skills the Employee lacks


Customized curriculum or developmental program to bridge the gap between the skills the employee has and the lack thereof. The employee can then engage to equip and develop themselves to be competent and effective in their assigned role.

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Qualified Trainers

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HR Services

We provide the entire HR function to all organizations that do not have an internal HR person/department or whose teams need HR Support. We advise on people strategies and implement HR policies that do not only promote healthy corporate cultures but also align with the organization’s business and/financial objectives. We manage people to ensure optimum performance. Our skills range over:
– Staff retention
– Talent Acquisition
– Succession Planning
– Payroll and HR Audit
– HR Data and Analytics
– HR Systems and Software
– Performance Management
– Learning and Development
– Compensation and Benefits
– Retrenchment and Dismissals

Drafting Employee Handbooks, Employee Contracts, Policies, Induction Packs

We draft contracts and job offers for companies that do not have an internal HR Department or individual. Our well seasoned Experts are qualified to draft contracts for Permanent employment, temporary employment and Independent. Contractors taking into account statutory regulations applicable according to South African law.

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We assist Organizations with their Payroll administration. This ensures our clients can focus on their core business while we ensure accurate Payroll and accounting records are maintained that are compliant with SARS and the South African Department of Labour.

People Relations


We help organizations with their efforts to create and maintain a positive relationship with their employees. We help business to stay compliant, reduce workplace conflict and save time by maintaining positive and constructive employee relations, as organizations hope to keep employees loyal and more engaged in their work ensuring productivity.

Timesheet Management


This is a practice of monitoring and analyzing time sheets (recorded work hours which is essential in calculating employee payroll or accumulating billable hours needed for invoicing purposes).

HR Audit


We review your organization’s current human resources policies, procedures, documentation and systems to identify areas for improvements and enhancement within the HR function as well as to assess compliance with ever changing rules and regulations.

Compensation and Benefits


We specialise in employee compensation and benefits policymaking and help Managers with the compensation tools to ensure their teams are well remunerated. We also support healthy environments for high performance corporate culture to be built in the organization.

Retrenchments and Outplacement Programs


We work with Organizations to ensure the initiative is line with your values, reducing the risk associated with changes and protecting your brand. Our services help Organizations focus on business matters and avoid the cost and repercussions of CCMA hearings, strikes and other issues that arise from employees who feel they have been retrenched unfairly.

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Contracts & Policies Drafted

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Labour Issues Resolved

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Teams Managed


We Hire


We Train

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